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iMac, MacBook Pro, Power Mac and Mac Mini. We know them inside out.

Every now and then someone comes to us with a Mac problem. It isn't that frequent because there are fewer of them around and they are designed and built to be more reliable than the average PC. We have replaced hard disks and optical drives (superdrives), replaced or stripped and cleaned fans, repaired screen hinges, diagnosed the cause of overheating, upgraded memory, hard disks and software including OSX and recovered data from a couple of older Macs that were going to cost more to repair than they were worth.

Your Mac - Supercharged!

We can also supercharge your new mac or give your old mac a new lease of life by upgrading the memory, adding a larger hard disk or replacing the hard disk entirely with an SSD (Solid State Disk) which has no moving parts and is made entirely of super-fast memory.

Consultation and one to one tuition

It's not just repairs either, we offer consultation on hardware and software and one to one sessions that are focussed on your specific needs. We can build networks of Apple devices for your home or office or if you already have an apple laptop, desktop, iPad or iPhone we can set up an awesome media system using an Apple TV which allows you to play your OSX or iOS games, videos, pictures and a whole lot more wirelessly onto your flat screen TV.