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A new lease of life for your computer

Desktop computer repairs in Caernarfon & Bangor

Desktop computers are designed to be easily and cheaply repaired. Unlike most laptops, nearly all desktop computer parts are interchangeable with other parts. This means that components are cheap and repairs are straightforward. Because of this and because we sell refurbished systems which occasionally need replacement components we ALWAYS have a stock of replacement PC parts. Hard Disks, Graphics Cards, Power Supplies, WiFi adapters and optical (CD & DVD) drives.

A few services we can offer:

  • Malware and Virus removal
  • Hard Drive replacement or upgrade
  • Password Recovery
  • Data Recovery
  • Internet and email set up
  • Make your PC wireless (can include on-site set up FREE)

Supercharge your PC..

'Supercharge your PC' is a service we offer that is guaranteed to even make a new PC faster and is a great way of extending the life of your current PC and making it REALLY fast in the process. The Supercharge consists of a RAM (kind of like short term memory for your computer) upgrade and an SSD (Solid State Disk) which replaces your existing mechanical hard disk drive with memory chips that can access data considerably faster. A recent Supercharge we performed on a Dell laptop reduced the time it took to load Windows from 30 seconds to just 7 seconds! All programs load faster and everything feels much more responsive.