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Laptop Repair in CaernarfonWe fix a lot of different devices every week and at least half of them are laptops. An average week can see malware removal, DC or USB socket replacement, screen replacement, hard disk replacement or upgrade or a complete laptop service (Just like you would do with your car) which for one price not only speeds up your laptop but can extend its lifespan. We can also offer advice on which laptop to buy or even supply you with an excellent refurbished laptop at a great price

Free collection & Delivery

Which ever repair or service you need you don't have to take it anywhere. For no extra cost we collect it, complete any work that needs doing and then return it to you including setting the laptop up with wifi or printer at your home or office.

Damage through overheating

laptop repair in CaernarfonOne thing that we find very frequently (about 4 out of every 5 laptops that we dismantle) is a build up of fluff inside the cooling vent. Tiny particles of hair and dust are drawn in by the fan that is used to circulate air around certain components to cool them. After a while they start to form a layer of felt on the inside of the exit vent that the warm air can't easily pass through. As the laptop gets hotter the fans run faster to try to keep things cool. The faster they push the air the more dense the layer of felt becomes and the less air is able to escape. At best the effect of this is that the laptop runs far hotter than it should and eventually the laptop becomes slow as the processor (the laptops brain) tries to lower the temperature by reducing the amount of power it consumes. The worst case scenario is that the components get so hot (upwards of 300°!) that they literally melt the solder that is connecting them to the motherboard at which point the laptop is effectively dead until the motherboard is replaced or repaired. We have seen the worst case scenario far to many times.