What’s the difference between a new laptop from a high street store and a ‘business laptop’?

In a nutshell, business laptops are better quality than laptops designed for home use.  They are built to withstand daily abuse from employees who didn’t have to pay for them and in many cases are tested to extremes of heat and cold and designed to withstand rigorous daily use.  They are also sold to businesses thousands at a time which means that spare parts are readily available which in turn makes any repairs cost effective.

For tax reasons businesses update their IT equipment far more often than they need to and we are able to obtain small numbers of laptops and PCs for resale to the public.  All of the refurbished laptops and PCs we sell are in great condition and have passed through our 10 step refurbishing program below.

Our 10 step refurbishing process
  1. Check chassis for marks and damage
  2. Check screen for damage or dead pixels
  3. Check all ports for damage
  4. Check screen hinges for excessive tension
  5. Check hinge mounts for looseness or cracks in the plastic
  6. Test keyboard, audio system, charging and ports
  7. Clean all fans and internals to make sure no dust present
  8. Check WiFi and Bluetooth (if applicable)
  9. Check battery condition and capacity
  10. ‘Burn in’ test for RAM, Processor and Storage (HDD or SSD)