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Refurbished desktop PCs and Laptops

If your laptop or desktop are just too old or too damaged to be worth the repair or if you don't have one at all we can also offer refurbished desktop computer and refurbished laptops.

We mostly stock Dell as we have found them to be really well built and super-reliable but we do get other brands as well so if you want something different then just ask. The systems we stock are ex-corporate machines that have been fully refurbished an in many cases upgraded considerably prior to resale.

Advantages of our reconditioned systems

Obviously we understand that you will have reservations about buying a system that has already been used and replaced so here are a few good reasons why we feel that our refurbished machines are worth every penny.

  • At least half the price of many new computers from a high street shop
  • Free delivery and on-site setup
  • Free copying of your files onto the replacement machine
  • A quick tutorial to help you familiarise yourself with the newer operating system.
  • You are not forced to have Windows 8. Our refurbished systems come with Windows 7 (but can be shipped with Windows 8 if you prefer)

Refurbished and second hand are different

When we say refurbished we don't just mean second hand. We spend hours making sure that they are as close to new as they can be and all of our hardware is covered by a 3 month warranty. Each of our machines is meticulously cleaned inside and out. The memory and processors are often upgraded so that we can offer the best system possible. All systems are stress-tested to make sure that they are stable and reliable.