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Not Wordpress - Actual web design.

First a bit of history..

Web Design by Fusion IT Services (Feel free to skip this part..)
We started making websites back before Google existed and we have had a fascination for it ever since. In that time there have been various ways of making it easier and more accessible but in our experience there is nothing to beat being able to create the whole thing by hand. It doesn't cost you any more but it does mean that when things go wrong or need to be changed or updated we know EXACTLY how to do it.

How does that help you?

We are not going to pretend for a second that we are a dedicated web design studio. What we are is an IT service company that offers a web design package for small businesses. How is that different? The difference is very simply that we are a lot less expensive and this is because the broad nature of our work means we don't have to charge through the nose for any one service. In this case, a website.

The process

First we sit down and have a chat about what you want from your site.
Then you tell us what content you would like. We have found that this works best if you imagine a printed brochure and then once we see what the content is we can advise on ways of presenting it.
We build you the site and at various 'milestones' we show you the progress. This gives you the chance to have input as the project progresses.
That is it. The site is complete and we give you an invoice which, assuming you are happy (which we think you will be) settle up and that is that.